Traditional Aisle Runners

Aisle Runners and Red Carpets from “Classic Weddings Glasgow, with the demand for wider and more luxurious aisle runners, we introduced our new extra wide “Red Carpets and Aisle Runners” these are approximately 30 feet long and 6 feet wide, allowing happy couples to easy walk down the aisle, without having to close step within the smaller 4 foot carpets, our aisle runners are available in red and ivory and have a deep luxury pile,

L.E.D Aisle Runners

L.E.D Aisle runners are becoming more popular, adding a bit of extra sparkle to you wedding ceremony our floors come in a choice of widths, either 4 foot of 6 foot wide and came be laid to the appropriate length needed to give the full and effective walk way.

Rose Petal Aisle Runner

Our gorgeous white floral Rose Petal aisle runner in made to the highest quality design, with raised flat matching material roses heads all the way along the runner and is approximately 30 feet by 5 feet wide.

Mirrored Pedestals

Additional popular items are the Mirrored Pedestal’s with staggered spacing long both sides of the aisle runner, these four-foot pedestals are placed, two at the start a with another two in the middle and the final two, at the top, where your ceremony will commence, these look fabulous and with either “hurricane vases or Lanterns”, to add that extra special affect.

Rose Petals

Rose petals can be a lovely addition to your Aisle Runner, we can colour coordinate the petals to match the theme of your wedding, these are sprinkled down either side of the carpet and as a finishing touch a heart can be made at the top of the aisle where your love for each other is completed.